Data Science at Pinterest

For Pinterest to meet the daily needs of hundreds of millions of people around the world, scalable knowledge of how people are using Pinterest’s new discovery paradigm and what revolutionary data driven products could be created is vital. The data science team builds knowledge with research in two areas. The first is on the methodology behind data science. A systematic approach to data science results in trustworthy reproducible conclusions and in many cases automatable analysis. Pinterest data teams have built tools democratizing data for engineers, product managers, and designers to easily visualize and explore trends in Pinterest’s content and experimental results. The second area of research is understanding how the world is changing as people modify their behaviors, diets, health routines, homes, and hobbies. The end result is knowledge that helps connect people with inspirational ideas for their lives.




  • Brian Johnson
  • Caroline Lo
  • Dan Frankowski
  • Dorna Bandari
  • Grace Huang
  • June Andrews
  • Shuo Xiang
  • Yuan Wei