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With dozens of studies being done each year, our scientists and engineers are pushing the boundaries on what's possible. Read below for more publications; and stay tuned for more to come.

Classification is a Strong Baseline for Deep Metric Learning

Andrew Zhai, Hao-Yu Wu. BMVC, 2019.

Learning a Unified Embedding for Visual Search at Pinterest

Andrew Zhai, Hao-Yu Wu, Eric Tzeng, Dong Huk Park and Charles Rosenberg. KDD, 2019.

Finding Users Who Act Alike: Transfer Learning for Expanding Advertiser Audiences

Stephanie Dewet and Jiafan Ou. KDD, 2019.

Notification Volume Control and Optimization System at Pinterest

Bo Zhao, Koichiro Narita, Burkay Orten, John Egan. KDD 2018.

Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Web-Scale Recommender Systems

Rex Ying, Ruining He, Kaifeng Chen, Chantat Eksombatchai, William L. Hamilton, Jure Leskovec. KDD 2018.

Pixie: A System for Recommending 3+ Billion Items to 200+ Million Users in Real-Time

Chantat Eksombatchai, Pranav Jindal, Jerry Zitao Liu, Yuchen Liu, Rahul Sharma, Charles Sugnet, Mark Ulrich, Jure Leskovec. WWW 2018.

Visual Discovery at Pinterest.

Andrew Zhai, Dmitry Kislyuk, Yushi Jing, Michael Feng, Eric Tzeng, Jeff Donahue, Yue Li Du, Trevor Darrell. WWW 2017.

Related Pins at Pinterest: The Evolution of a Real-World Recommender System

David C. Liu, Stephanie Rogers, Raymond Shiau, Dmitry Kislyuk, Kevin C. Ma, Zhigang Zhong, Jenny Liu, Yushi Jing. WWW 2017.

Understanding Behaviors that Lead to Purchasing: A Case Study of Pinterest

Caroline Lo, Dan Frankowski, Jure Leskovec. KDD 2016.

Power of Human Curation in Recommendation System

Yuchen Liu, Dmitry Chechik, Junghoo Cho. WWW 2016.

Item-to-Item Recommendations at Pinterest.

Stephanie Rogers. RecSys 2016.

Visual Search at Pinterest.

Yushi Jing, David Liu, Dmitry Kislyuk, Andrew Zhai, Jiajing Xu, Jeff Donahue, Sarah Tavel. KDD 2015.

Inferring Networks of Substitutable and Complementary Products

Julian McAuley, Rahul Pandey, Jure Leskovec. KDD 2015.

Human Curation and Convnets: Powering Item-to-Item Recommendations on Pinterest

Dmitry Kislyuk, Yuchen Liu, David Liu, Eric Tzeng, Yushi Jing. Arxiv 2015.

Scaling Deep Social Feeds at Pinterest

Varun Sharma, Jeremy Carroll, Abhi Khune. BigData 2013.