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MultiSage: Empowering GCN with Contextualized Multi-Embeddings on Web-Scale Multipartite Networks

C. Yang, A. Pal, A. Zhai, N. Pancha, J. Han, C. Rosenberg, J. Leskovec.

Shop The Look: Building a Large Scale Visual Shopping System at Pinterest

R. Shiau, H. Wu, E. Kim, Y. Du, A. Guo, Z. Zhang, E. Li, K. Gu, C. Rosenberg, A. Zhai. KDD 2020

PinnerSage: Multi-Modal User Embedding Framework for Recommendations at Pinterest

A. Pal, C. Eksombatchai, Y. Zhou, B. Zhao, C. Rosenberg, J. Leskovec.

PinText 2: Attentive Bag of Annotations Embedding

J. Zhuang, J. Zhao, A. S. Subramanian, Y. Lin, Y. Guo, B. Krishnapuram, R. van Zwol. KDD, 2020

PinText: A Multitask Text Embedding System in Pinterest

Jinfeng Zhuang and Yu Liu. KDD, 2019.

Training and Evaluating Multimodal Word Embeddings with Large-scale Web Annotated Images

Junhua Mao, Jiajing Xu, Kevin Jing, Alan L. Yuille. NIPS 2016.