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Pinterest Labs brings together top researchers, scientists and engineers from around the world to tackle the most challenging problems in machine learning and artificial intelligence. More specifically, this lecture series aims to bring renowned researchers from academia to share their cutting-edge research with the broader industry.
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Visualizations of Imperceptible Visual Signals

Inclusive Search and Recommendations

June 25, 2020
Nadia Fawaz

Computer Vision for Fashion: From Individual Recommendations to Worldwide Trends

September 2, 2020
Kristen Grauman

Inclusive Search and Recommendations

June 25, 2020
Nadia Fawaz

Embodied Learning as a Path to (Slightly More) Intelligent Machines

May 4, 2020
Sergey Levine

Learning from Language

January 13, 2020
Percy Liang

Multi-step reasoning for answering complex questions

November 20, 2019
Prof. Chris Manning

Fairness and privacy in AI/ML systems

Oct 21, 2019
Krishnaram Kenthapadi

Rebooting AI

Sept. 26, 2019
Gary Marcus

Recent results in brain-inspired self-supervised learning

April 24, 2019
Dan Yamins

Towards better reinforcement learning for high stakes domains

Feb 25, 2019
Emma Brunskill

Bias on the web

Jan 28, 2019
Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Supporting machine learning and analytics lifecycles

Oct 29, 2018
Joseph Hellerstein

Crowds, Computation, and the Future of Work

July 26, 2018
Michael Bernstein

Large-scale Data Processing Systems

Feb 22, 2018
Matei Zaharia

Large-scale data mining for graphs and streams

Jan 25, 2018
Christos Faloutsos